How to Configure the Cook'd Pro Footer Widgets

Cook'd Pro has 4 available footer widget areas.

Footer 1

Footer 1 is styled for the Genesis eNews widget and the Simple Social Icons widget.  

The Genesis eNews Extended widget is used to set up your newsletter opt-in. This plugin is designed to be used with a newsletter service such as Mailchimp, Aweber, Mailpoet, or any of the other popular newsletter services.  You can Google “Genesis eNews Extended + whatever service you choose” and there are bound to be some tutorials and videos to guide you in getting that set up.  Here’s the plugin info page where you can read about installation and get support:

Please use the following settings to set up the Simple Social Icons widget area like the demo. Be sure to replace all of the data fields with the url to your own social media accounts:

Footers 2, 3, & 4

On our demo site we've incorporated 3 custom menus in these widget areas to help direct our readers to the areas we feel would be most helpful to them.  To set up these custom menus in your footer you'll first create the menus in your menu editor (Appearance>Menus) and then you can drag and drop a Custom Menu widget in the footer widgets and select the menus you'd like to showcase.

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