Quick Tip: How to Link to A Category In Your Menu

Many folks who are new to WordPress have a hard time figuring out how to create category pages to add to their menu that will then automatically populate with all of the posts to which that category are assigned.

If you navigate to Appearance>Menus you will see on the left side that you have the option to add items to your navigation menu as pages, custom links, or categories.

3 options

If you add an item to your menu as a page then you will need to develop that page yourself and/or add links to any posts that you wish to appear on that page.  However, if you add an item to your menu as a category then any posts to which you assign that category will automatically populate that page!


So to add a menu item to your navigation menu as a category you'll

  • Click on the arrow to expand the categories option
  • Select the category you'd like to assign to your menu
  • Click "Add to Menu"
  • Drag and drop the category item where you'd like it to appear in your menu (this works for both top level and sub-menu items)
  • Click "Save Menu"

In this example that'll get you a page populated by the Desserts category posts which is configured the same as your content archives.

category page

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