How Can I Update to Version 3.0?

Shay is offering the Foodie Pro 3.0 theme free to current Foodie Pro 2.0 users! You can download the files from your member page at StudioPress or from, depending on where you bought your original Foodie Pro theme. Please note that because Foodie Pro 3.0 is so different from Foodie Pro 1.0.0-2.1.8 that you will essentially be installing a new theme and any customizations you've made to your current Foodie theme will need to be added back in and the theme will need to be configured. 

The tutorials we've put together should help you get your site set up and looking like our demo in no time, and we are also available for hire for a fee of $130 to get your site set up to look and function like the Foodie Pro demo. Please let us know if that is a service you are interested in.

If you prefer to DIY then of course we will be here to answer an questions you may have!

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