How to Configure the Foodie Pro 3.0 Footer Widgets

Foodie Pro has 4 available footer widget areas. 

Footer 1

The Footer 1 area is styled for the WP Instagram Widget.  Please make sure this plugin is installed and activated and the drag and drop the Instagram widget into the Footer 1 widget area.  Configure as below, updating the username to your own:

Footer 2

The Footer 2 area is configured for the Simple Social Icons plugin and Genesis User Profile widget. Please use the following settings to set up this widget area like the demo. Be sure to replace all of the data fields with your own information.

Simple Social Icons

Genesis User Profile

You can customize the text for your bio and then you'll want to  sign up for a Gravatar account to get your image to pull there.  Please make sure you sign up to Gravatar using the same e-mail address you use to login to your WordPress account or the accounts will not link and your image will not pull.

Footer 3

The Footer 3 area is configured for the custom Foodie Pro-Featured Posts widget. Please use the following settings to set up this widget just like the demo:

Footer 4

The Footer 4 area is configured as a full-width area suitable for a 728x90 leaderboard ad. Simply drag and drop a text widget into place and paste your ad script.

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