Set Up Your WooCommerce Shop

In order for WooCommerce to work optimally with Cook'd Pro and Foodie Pro 3.0, Genesis child themes, you'll want to install the Genesis Connect for WooCommerce plugin.  

We're the first to admit, we're not experts in WooCommerce and we're not able to assist you in setting up your shop, even with our Done-For-You services. Since there are a myriad of variables that get introduced based on your specific configuration and needs, we highly recommend that each site lead their own custom approach to setting up WooCommerce.

That said, we have some resources we can point you to:

Also, my colleague and friend Michelle Martello actually wrote the book on Getting Paid Online and she has generously allowed us to share with you a chapter from her Minima Guide to Launching Your Website. Cook'd Pro users get this 8-page e-commerce checklist from Chapter 5 as a FREE gift from us to you!

Download the  FREE WooCommerce guide & checklist here. Craving more? Grab both of her e-books to get the entire guides to launching and getting paid online.

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