Can I Use Multiple Recipe Index Pages?

That depends on which of our themes you are using!  

Our newest theme, Cook'd Pro, allows for as many pages that work like the recipe index as you'd like.  This has been a common request from our customers and we've been listening! Note: The sidebar items will remain the same from one index to the next, but you can use multiple pages with the recipe index template. 

Foodie Pro and Brunch Pro are not styled to work that way out of the box. However, it is possible to accomplish multiple pages that respond like the recipe page. You'll want to create a new page template, add new widget areas in functions, and add the code to the stylesheet.  Here is a tutorial that explains how to get that all setup. 

There is also this tutorial available that may be helpful to you.  It involves using a paid plugin if you are open to that. 

Just a note that these tutorials are not ours and we are unable to provide support for customizations to the theme, we just do our best to share resources when we know of them. 

If you would like to get hired help, we can recommend the following as knowledgeable and reliable development services:


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