Why Isn't There Pagination on the Home Page?

Because the home page is so flexible, pagination would not work well. We would need to limit the flexibility of the home page in order to add that feature and we chose to stick with flexibility. Your readers should still be able to navigate your site with a well established menu. 

One option to get around this is to add a text link at the bottom of your home page that goes to your blog. Something like this should work well:

<div align="right"> <a href="http://yoursite.com/blog">See More →</a> </div>

If you scroll down a bit on this page you'll see a video tutorial explaining the process:  http://minimalistbaker.com/resources/foodie-pro-genesis-child-theme-master-setup-and-customization-guide/.  This video tutorial is for the Foodie Pro theme, but it works the same with Brunch Pro and Cook'd Pro.

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